Good places to start for basic info…

This is a great place to start.

1.) It has a cool video.

2.) Has good and easy to read info about how the blockchain is constructed.

3.) Has a decent collection of wallets to use

4.) Has a download to start running a node called Bitcoin Core (just remember it will take a loooooong time to download, maybe days!) This is because you have to download the entire bitcoin blockchain to run a full node.

5.) And much more like how the Bitcoin blockchain actually works. Check out

Another great place to find technical info on bitcoin is the Bitcoin Wiki.

If you want to get up to the second info on blocks and transactions, check this out. You can type in any pubic key, transaction id or hash into the search bar and see its place in the chain. They also offer a great wallet where you control your private key and can print off a paper wallet as well.

Also if you are looking to spend your bitcoins check out coinmap.

Here is a cool chart that shows real time buy and sell orders on exchanges.

Bitcoin news.

Bitcoin white paper

Lastly, here is the bitcoin yellow pages or bitcoin directory.


Bitcoin Cash


Website of the node

Reddit here

Forum 1 here

Forum 2 here

Current price: coinmarketcap


Block Explorer blockchair

Block Explorer blockdozer








Here is the authority on Ethereum. It’s where you can get the latest wallet and up to date software on Ethereum.

Info on where to store your Ether.

Here is where you can learn to mine Ethereum.

This is a cool one stop shop of many good links related to Ethereum. Just scroll down and you will find the links. Some of this info is a little old but much good info here indeed.




Here is the authority on Dash.

This is where you can download the client which has a wallet and is also a full node like bitcoin’s core.

Here is a choice of Dash wallets.

Here is where you can get info of how to set up and run a masternode.

Here is info on how to mine Dash.

Here is a great show dedicated just to Dash by Amanda B Johnson called “Dash Detailed”.



Cryptocurrency General Information

Mining calculators.

Market Cap.


Great General Info!

One of My Heroes