My Interview on The Survival Podcast

Here is a link to a podcast I was a guest on talking cryptocurrency May 3rd 2017. I’ve been listening to The Survival Podcast since 2009. It’s a great podcast to learn about how to live a more self reliant lifestyle. Jack is a great guy with a passion for teaching with over 1990 podcasts. Tune in to learn more at


Episode-1997- Brandon Todd on Cryptocurrency

12 thoughts on “My Interview on The Survival Podcast

    • Mike,
      Hey thanks for listening and stopping by as well. Just let me know if you have any questions that maybe i can answer. I know there are lots of places to get info on this stuff on the web, but sometimes if you just are looking for a specific answer its nice to have some one you can ask.

  1. Hey Brandon-

    Really enjoyed your conversation with Jack. I’m new to crypto currencies so a lot of it was over my head, but you gave us some great resources for getting started. Thanks for doing that.

    • Kurt,

      Hey thanks for listening! Like I said in the other comment on this thread, I’m going to set up a Youtube channel so I can post tutorial videos of what I am doing. Videos help me a lot as I am a pretty visual learner.

  2. I have used coinbase for a couple years for BTC and ETH but did not know that there were all the other coins out there Some seem very interesting . With out have a bunch of different wallets would it be best to buy BTC on say coinbase and then use Shapeshift to move into other Coins?

    • Mike,
      Yeah that’s pretty much what I do. I buy form Coinbase because its so easy and I already have my bank account set up with them. Then from there if you want to pick some altcoins you will need a valid address of some sort of said altcoins. Like I said on the podcast if its an early coin and I’ve done my research and have decided i want to pick some up, I may place a buy order on poloniex exchange if its the only listed on exchanges at that time. Or if that altcoin you want offers a client(walllet) download, then that is even better as then you are holding the keys on your device to where ever you downloaded it to. So in that case I may use to send to the address of the wallet I downloaded. I really need to set up a Youtube channel with tutorial videos of what I like to do. Comming soon!

  3. Great interview and thanks for doing it. Crypto news is good, but complicated. It’s cool to take a wealthsteading approach to crypto’s and offer your thoughts.

  4. Brandon:

    I am a long time listener of the survival podcast and have learned to trust Jack’s information and choice of guests.
    I’m fascinated by crypto currencies and thought I’d missed the boat on bitcoin. I remember a friend was enthusing about them a few years ago and I was intrigued, but extremely skeptical. I’ve been burned a time or two in penny stocks but have also made some incredible returns and have won far more than I lost.

    My questions are related to finding speculative, new currencies with outsized potential

    • Raymond,
      Thanks for listening! Seems to be lots of interest on TSP regarding cryptocurrencies. I would reiterate what I said on the show again here. Take your time, start looking at white papers, positions papers of the projects you are interested in, its ok if you don’t understand all the math on them but see if there is a well thought out coherent plan or path. Look at who the development team is. Look them up, see what their past projects are, have they done anything, are there any big names coming into this project? But still Raymond the truth is many of these things are still a toss up as to which projects will win out and or funding and which will not. Seems many are trying to do the same thing and that’s great, but who knows which one’s will actually win out in the end. I saw the potential in things like Ethereum and Dash back in 2014 so I bought some, but I still didn’t go big because I just didn’t know. After hearing Vitalic Buterin talk at conferences online and reading the white paper and seeing all the development coming online with the Ethereum project I decided to jump in. I waited out the ICO on that one because I was still a little skeptical. I watched days after the ICO and price still seems overbought or high in the short term. I just felt as there might be a pull back after the ETH ICO settled down after a few weeks. I was right and months later the price was back down around $1 so I decided that was good for my risk tolerance and bought some. Do your research, take the time. Anything worth your money is worth some time before hand. It’s ok to wait some ICO’s out. I’m not giving you investment advice, just telling you what I have done and will continue to do.

      Anyway, glad you are waking up to cryptocurrencies! You didn’t miss the boat, I believe we are just getting started. This is a great time to get into this space and start learning what is what.

  5. Great interview with Jack. Although I’ve been buying BTC and ETH for the past year, I never paid much attention to the lesser known coins. This has really peaked my interest and I’ve started looking into them.

    • Great to hear Anthony! The cryptocurrency space has really grown in the last few years. I think it’s beneficial to try and keep an eye on the new developments. I still think this is just the beginning, many more projects to come. I’ll tell you, because of staying current, I was able to find out about Dash and Ethereum 3 years ago. I read enough about those 2 projects to become convinced there was potential value there. I picked up some Dash and Ethereum at around $1 a piece. Needless to say, it has been good for me. Now is a good time to keep learning more.

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