Aug 1 Final Stretch

The Fork Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Well here we are just about a day and a half away from this surprising yet highly anticipated Bitcoin ABC /Bitcoin Cash hard fork. This fork is scheduled to commence on August 1, 2017, 12:20 UTC. Here is a countdown if you would like to keep … Read more

Hacks and Takedowns

Hacks The crypto-drama continues. Parity, a popular Ethereum browser based wallet platform was hacked this week.  After news of the hack came out, a white hat hacker group or “the good guys” replayed the same hack and drained most of the other funds in users’ wallets to protect users from further hacks from the black … Read more

BTC Update 7-23-17

Hey guys just wanted to give another follow up to the BIP91 event video I put out last night. BIP91 is now active. We have had some interesting developments in the last 2 days with things like Bitcoin ABC and different groups in the Bitcoin community. ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION THAT WITH BITCOIN ABC/BITCOIN CASH … Read more