About Me


My name is Brandon Todd and I am a self proclaimed Bitcoin evangelist. I started hearing about Bitcoin in 2012 but didn’t really dig in until 2013. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became and before I knew it I was telling anyone who would listen. Since then I have made modest investments in cryptocurrency that have begun to sprout into something worthwhile. I feel that we are embarking on a time where people with very little investment can catch opportunities that were not available before.

I believe bitcoin was just the beginning. Although I do have a long term view of bitcoin, I am not a bitcoin maximalist, as some believe there can only be one blockchain. I believe this view is myopic. In the last few years I have seen so many things come to market and start to change the world for the good, I see these things give the little people more choice and power. It is for this reason I believe that cryptocurrencies and cryptography in general is the great equalizer and must be available to all. The cypherpunks had it right.

It can be hard or seem nearly impossible to keep up with this fast moving space on a day to day level. It seems even those of us that try and keep up fall behind and get lost if we take a day or a week off. Join me as I give my take on what I think are the biggest things to be focused on in this space. I will give a summary of the big events and do my best to keep you current on what I think are the big takeaways in the cryptocurrency world.